The Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio (WDBCO) is a nonprofit organization that is the Governance and Policy Board for Area 11, Columbus and Franklin Counties Workforce Development.We are the central hub of connectivity in the workforce system.

WDBCO has a 27-member board of professionals in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Our members are appointed through the Mayor and Franklin County Board of Commissioners and are charged with ensuring programs and initiatives are aligned with the overall workforce development plan on a local, state and national level, click here to learn more about our board .

Our mission is to partner with area businesses and organizations on workforce needs so that people are fully employed at their ability and potential in the thriving Central Ohio economy.


Lisa (1)                                                            Mike Hiler
Lisa Patt-McDaniel                                                                    Mike Hiler
President & Chief Executive Officer                                   Chief Financial Officer 


Carma (1)                                           Amber (2)
Carma Lacy                                                               Amber Glanton
Director, Policy & Initiatives                             
Accounting Specialist 


Currecia (1)                                    Lynnette
Currecia Gamble                                                    Lynnette Burks
Director, Outreach & Marketing                      Executive Assistant

John H (1)                                   Stephanie
John Hambrick                                                    Stephanie Robinson
Director, Business Solutions                          Associate Director, Business Solutions


Law Jackson
Lawrence Jackson
Grants & Programs Manager

Positions Available: 

Graduate Intern